TA 40....


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Jun 25, 2017
Birmingham, AL
Hi there. Here are my numbers and they have stayed consistent for a couple of weeks or so

Cl 4.5
CC 0
TA 40
Ph 7.5
Cya 70
Salt 3000

I will be adding salt but pool math says to add 15 lbs of baking soda. I'm a little scared that will raise my ph too high.

Do I just go with it and add baking soda


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May 19, 2010
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Baking soda raises the TA. The higher TA can slowly increase the pH.
Often we suggest a TA down to about 50ppm for SWG pools so that the pH does not rise so quickly.
If everything is stable in your pool, then I would just let it ride; since you have a vinyl pool and a low CSI is not a concern.

FYI, what is a pH that is "too high"? I have been keeping mine up around 8 without any issues. Because the lower you put the pH, the faster it wants to rise.