Switching to Salt- balance all first or wait


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Jun 25, 2020
Installed new 15x48 Intex about a week ago, used city water to fill-not 100% yet due to install of sidewall skimmer
Have not been real careful about keeping it completely balanced as I knew I'd be witching to salt and using new sand pump

Should I work at getting it balanced before I switch to salt or just work on that after the switch
Planning to switch likely tomorrow



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Jun 16, 2019
Hey WW and welcome !! Balance first, then convert. Not keeping it balanced was irrelevant to the salt and the filter. Don’t get me wrong, I make useless excuses sometimes too. But now you need the water fixed on top of converting. It’s easy enough though.

Check out ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry And post your test #s from a reliable Test Kits Compared.

someone(s) will be happy to guide you.