Switched from Polaris to robot (Dolphin Echo) cleaner - what to do with old booster pump & side connection


Mar 16, 2014
Plano, TX
Finally got my pool re-plastered (1 week ago) and retiring the old Polaris in favor of the Dolphin Echo. Last time it was in use it looked like Curly from The Three Stooges laying on its side going around in circles. Can I cap off the side connector since it does flow even without the booster pump on? And what to do with the booster pump? Are they worth anything?


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Jun 25, 2017
That is exactly what I did when updating our pool last winter. Go to HD and get plugs that will fit into the lines that went to your booster pump-probably 1” or close to that. I like not having to run 2 pumps.


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Jun 23, 2011
I wouldn't want to have a pipe full of stagnant water anywhere. So I'd probably just leave it connected with water flowing through it, since it shouldn't cause any problems. Probably remove the pump, though. Otherwise, I'd blow all the air out of the pipe, plug it in the pool with a rubber plug, and cap off the connections at the equipment pad.


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Sep 1, 2011
North Texas
I left my pump and motor installed (disconnected power at the timer) and left flow lined up through the pump. Couldn't think of a good reason to remove it, and it's not hurting anything just sitting there.
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