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May 21, 2019
I have been reading several posts and am now looking to upgrade to a SWG system, as well as a pump upgrade. I am looking at the RJ series from CiruPool and was wondering if I should go with the 45 or 60? My current liquid chlorine usage is @ 2.5 ppm a day and I am running my single speed pump approx. 8 hours. My concern was if I get the 60, is there a possibility that it will generate too much, even at a lower setting for my pool size/usage?
As for the pump upgrade, I was looking at a Pentair VS pump. My question is could I go with the SuperFLo VS 1.5HP Single Phase or would the 3HP IntelliFlo be a better choice?

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Jul 7, 2014
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Either cell will work for your pool... the RJ45 Plus will increase your pool's FC by 11ppm if run at 100% for 24 hours.. The RJ60 will increase your pool's FC by 17 ppm if run at 100% for 24 hours..

As far as pump's go, if you have 2" plumbing I would go with the IntelliFlo.. You can run it at a lower RPM and move more water than the SuperFlo VS.. That said, either pump would work...

As a safety feature, the cell's control center should not get any power when the pump is not running.. Pretty easy to do with a single speed pump, as you just wire them to the same timer. But.. VS pumps get constant power so you can't do that. I recommend that you wire the cell to the timer and set the timer so that it only turns the cell on when it is inside the time the pump is scheduled to run.. Another advantage to this is that you can set the amount of chlorine the cell produces by changing the timer.. Doing this makes it impossible to have "too big of a SWCG.


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May 3, 2014
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In Texas, either SWCG will work. I would not be concerned it will produce too much if you get the 60.
As far as VS pump, the larger ones allow you to run at a lower rpm for the same flowrate. Thus they use less electricity and are quieter.
Without automation, you would need to have a timer for the SWCG so it is not powered when the pump is scheduled to be off. The flow switch in the SWCG is a secondary safety device. Very important.
Or, there are VS pumps that have internal relays that will control your SWCG. Various brands have them.

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.