Swimquip 5086 light trouble

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The GFI that my 5086 light is on was tripping the GFI mode of the breaker, not the full 20 amp trip. I have removed the assembly from the niche and determined that a new gasket was required due to some moisture visible on the inside of the lens. Prior to reinstalling the assembly into the niche, I installed the bulb and engaged the circuit, which immediately tripped the full 20 amp mode. I tried again with no bulb with the same result. I'm assuming that the sheathing cracked when I removed the light assembly from the niche and pulled it up to the deck to service it.

Ant thoughts or suggestions?

Is there a replacement light assembly that will fit my existing swimquip 5086 niche?
I disconnected light at the light junction box and removed the light/harness from the pool. With the light disconnected at the junction box the GFCI breaker will stay on. When I reconnect the light, the breaker trips (high current, not gfci protection) immediately. I assume that means the light fixture is bad. But, it seems that I should get continuity between 2 of the 3 leads, but I can't. Any ideas why?
I've got a new 5086 light assembly. I've run a fiberglass snake from the junction box out to the niche and connected the cable to the cord. I tied the fiber reinforcement in the cable jacket to the snake eyelet, then spiral taped from 3 inches beyond the cut cable jacket to 3 inches beyond the snake eyelet in order to make a nice transition. When I try to pull the snake from the junction box end, the cable will go about 1.5" and then gets stuck at the rtv plug from the original installation. I'm having a hard time believing that the rtv by itself is keeping the cable from passing through. Any ideas?