Swim spa / endless pool devices


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Jan 27, 2016
I'm planning to build a medium-sized in-ground pool in Sarasota. I want to install a device on one end of the pool to propel the water, so that I can swim "forever in place".

On the web, I find many companies that sell pools (mostly above ground, hot-tub type structures) with jets and other propulsion devices built-in. I'm having trouble finding companies that sell just the propulsion devices, separate from the pool.

Can anyone suggest / recommend companies which sell propulsion devices separately?



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Jan 30, 2017
Houston TX
Hi, oldyankee.

We are building our pool now and decided to go with Endless Pool's Fastlane current generator (wall mount or deck mount options). We also looked at Riverflow (can be integrated into wall) and Badu Jets (also integrated), and I've read a couple of posts by people who rigged up their own system. Probably a lot cheaper, but not something we felt we wanted to take on for the build. While I would have preferred something integrated into the wall, Fastlane seemed to be the better system for swimming, was more doable from a plumbing standpoint, and was significantly cheaper than Riverflow. Badu Jets were the most affordable but seem better suited for recreation/play.