Swim Jet or Endless Pools Fastlane

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Aug 3, 2019
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We are in the planning process of our pool. Trying to decide Badu II or Endless Pools Fastlane. Does anyone have experience that they could share? Don't want to spend a lot of money and be unhappy. Have heard that the jets are easy to overcome and not as smooth as the fastlane. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Jul 10, 2012
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Not many people have these. I am trying to remember the last one I saw installed but am drawing a blank. I will keep thinking about it!


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May 17, 2018
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We installed a Badu Stream II 3 jet 2 pump system when our pool was built last year. I used to swim competitively a long time ago and was also concerned about over swimming or an unnatural feel with lots air bubbles etc. based on the videos and info I had seen. I had heard more good things about the Endless Pool system but hated the stainless steel contraption look oil drive lines erc. and we wanted a salt water pool and the is a lot mixed reviews and opinions on the Endless pool systemin a salt water pool. I spoke with the Badu folks a few times with a million questions. They were helpful, particularly the tech support engineer.

I ended going with the 3 jet Stream system for the wider sweet spot and increased flow with two 4 hp pumps. This system also required 6” pipes much to the dismay of our builder. I figured I’d feel more “jipped” with an expensive system that wasn't adequate than spending a bit more on the system that might be more than I needed. I’m glad I did because you want to run the system without air to get the most natural flow and feel with visibility. The smaller systems might need the air for more flow, but I can get the flow and resistance I want without any air injection and a clear stream. Also, I am not usually running it wide open for a nice pace. It took a while to dial in the aim and flow etc., but I got it. I cannot over swim this system. I would have to sprint to get 2-3 feet from the wall and then would be blasted in the face or the air knocked out of me in the gut ... or worse...

The other part of this is pool design and size. This 3 jet system could be too much for a pool smaller than mine ~11K gallons, especially if its an irregular shape. Turbulence for the return flow could be an issue. The width of the pool may be most important. I’d say no less than 10 feet wide and the deeper the better. And things like steps and swim outs or even flow on your returns will affect the settling of the current. The Badu tech guy also recommended a lane line on the bottom for visual reference.

I cannot say that a 2 jet single pump system would not have been adequate... but I have my doubts. I don't think it would be as versatile for pace etc. The system is also great for water aerobics and .... mixing chemicals. Too me, this system makes the pool special. I wanted to be able to use it for exercise and fitness.

I was thinking about posting more info with videos here at some point. But here is a pic of our pool with the jet location circled in red for now with a clip of me swimming into it at a moderate pace ~2/3 flow.



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