SWG worth it?


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Jul 19, 2014
Hudson Ohio
So we are into our second season and with our somewhat short season in North Eastern Ohio I have used a mix on Trichlor tabs in the external chlorinator as well as bleach when needed while monitoring the CYA levels etc. I am wondering if a SWG is worth the price? The only thing keeping me from doing regular chlorine bleach all of the time is the amount of plastic bottles to dispose of extra trips to walamart etc. Albeit the SWG uses additional electricity it feels like a "greener" choice. Curious to hear from others in a similar region of the country.

Can anyone suggest a salt system for my 13500 gallon AGP?


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Apr 29, 2015
Sarasota, FL
I love my SWCG and I don't think it matters if the pool is open all year or not. it just a way to get chlorine in the pool without lugging bottles of bleach. as far as price goes, it all really kind of works out to be the same, at least on the initial upfront installation. it goes down when you are just talking about cost for replacing a cell.

you always want to go larger with the SWCG, so for your pool it would be a system rated at 40,000 gallon. the Hayward T-15 cell would be right. if you are able to do the install youself, not difficult, just some way to get power and then some PVC work, you can buy the controller and cell for about $900...maybe assume $500 for an electrician to install he unit if you aren't comfortable with that, so your total cost would be $1,400 that cell is rated to produce 580lbs of chlorine gas over its life.

assuming your pool needs 3ppm of FC per day, that works out to needing roughly 0.34 lbs of gas per day. theoretically that means the cell would last for 1700 days...but that's not gonna happen. lets assume half, or 850 days for calculations. so that's $1.64 per day.

if you are paying $3/gallon of bleach, you would be using 0.5 gallons per day for the same 3ppm rise...so that's $1.50 a day

so they are basically the same cost per day....BUT, when your cell goes out after a few years, you are buying a replacement cell for $400. now you factor that cost, and its $0.33 a day since you aren't factoring in the cost of the controller and install.