SWG telling me I have salt in pool all this time?


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Apr 2, 2011
Palm Harbor, Florida
We have not touched pool for a couple of months (winter months).

This week I was starting to get into the mode of making pool ready for the upcoming swim season.

Looked at SWG, and it is saying salt level in pool is 3500. This is with no salt bag being put into pool for last couple of months (maybe 3 months). Is this even possible? The pool pump is running on same schedule thru the winter months, so there has been circulation thru the pumps and such, (same usual).

Should I be suspicious of this reading? At most I think I put in 2, maybe 3 salt bags total last swim season... Could the SWG generator reading salt levels be defective?


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Aug 10, 2012
It is probably right. Salt only leaves the pool through splash out, carry out and overflow. Salt does not evaporate with the water. And the golden rule is if the SWG is happy and making chlorine then everyone is happy.