SWG Systems under $1000?


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May 18, 2017
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I am a believer now - no longer using pucks. But I am growing tired of adding liquid chlorine every other day. I was thinking about going the Hasa Liquidator route but someone suggested considering an SWG. Having seen some negative comments here about the Liquidator I started wondering if that is a bad idea. I had a SWG 10+ years ago but got fed up replacing cells (at about $400 a pop) every other season. The ease of SWGs seems very enticing but they seem to be very expensive - at least for the big name ones
Are there any SWG systems out there that are substantially less than $1000? If so, how many years do the cells last?

I am having issues with spending too much to convert over to an SWG because I need to replace my safety cover at the end of the season to the tune of $2000+ so I prefer not to spend too much to covert over to SWG.

Any and all comments are much appeciated.


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May 23, 2015
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You’d be better off with a Stenner pump. Then the pump can do the liquid injection and you would just need to fill up the 15 gal bleach tank every few weeks. Annual maintenance is nothing more than cleaning the injection valve and replacing the peristaltic tubing once per year. You can look up Stenner pump setups in TFP and I think a full blown system will cost on the order of $500 or so.
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