SWG start up.

Been following this site since I had my pool replastered 5 wks ago. The past 5 wks I've been treating my pool the TFP way and using the pool pal app with TFP configuration, my balance has been great and the last week I've started increasing CYA, I'm currently at 60ppm.
I added salt Friday and Saturday my Aqualite is reading salt as 3100. I have t-15 cell and 10000 gallon pool. Checked my FC this morning and it's 8ppm, filter and SWG have been running 2hrs.
What is good starting point for production %,immediately currently at 50%. What should be my target ranges, currently

FC 8
PH 7.4
TA 90
CYA 60
CH 330

Great site, my water has never sparkled so much. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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What percentage are you guys running the cell at? I have my filter running from 7.30am to 6pm. I know the t-15 is good for upto 40000, my pool is 10000 so maybe I should run at 30% and check pool when filter turns off

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You want to test your FC right before your pump turns back on. That would be the lowest level. Staying above the minimum FC for your cya level is the most important.