SWG SLAM....Can I add Salt during last day of slam?


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May 15, 2015
La Porte, TX
I'm not that new anymore, but after lots of rain diluting chlorine (I think), my pool was fine one day, but looked cloudy the next morning. FC/CC tested OK but I think I may have tested it on the high side after SWG did it's job . Regardless, I went out looking for pool bleach and a few hours later, when I got back, the pool was cloudier and rain was pouring down. Still added bleach, but on the second gallon when rain died down, algae was starting on one side. ARGHHH! Caught it fast enough that it's almost clear. I know it won't pass the overnight test tonight, but it might tomorrow. Would it be ok to add salt during the end of the process? Since I keep the Salt Generator off during slams and adding salt, it would be nice to be able to do it all at once so I can start the generator up as soon as it passes the over night test. thanks in advance for any advice