SWG Sizing and questions about SWG

At my wife's request I am debating switching the pool to SWG this year. I am a little confused as to getting the right SWG for the pool. Its above ground, about 12.5 Gallons . I have solar heat so I run the pump during daylight hours, about 9-10 hours a day. I don't run it at night to maintain heat, the the kids like the pool to be more like a hot tub, lol.

I am looking at the hayward salt and swim 3c which says it good for up to 23K.
Am I correct in understanding the 23K is only if the pump is run for 24hrs constantly?
If I only run the pump for 10 hours would I need a larger unit?
From what I can see, larger units are for inground pools and I would need to then bond the pool, which at this point is difficult since 1/2 of is covered by decking around. Do they need to be bonded to work properly?
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Jul 7, 2014
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Our recommendation is that the SWCG be about 2 x the size of your pool. So, based upon that, a SWCG that is rated for 23K should work fine on a 12.5K pool. The reason that we recommend a 2 x SWCG is because of what you said about the rating being make at 100% 24/7.

A SWCG should be powered by a GFCI outlet but I don't believe that you need to bond it.

The bigger the SWCG, the lower the percent of output you can use and the less run time you will need.

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