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Paul G

Jun 23, 2010
We have a 16000 gallon in ground pool in Phoenix Arizona. It has a SWG "Pool Thing" brand. It is only three years old and stopped producing chlorine. I Talked with Pool Thing tech support and he feels the cell is half dead since it only makes chlorine in one direction, only get the dosage needle to climb in one direction. He wants to sell me another cell for around $550.

Is it wise to spend that much on a another Pool Thing Cell or just replace the whole SWG system?

If replacement is in order is any brand more reliable, better features, etc. than another? Recomendations?

It has a single speed pump, cartridge type filter, nothing fancy. FYI, getting a solar heater installed this week if that matters.



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May 7, 2007
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The tech might be right, or they might be wrong. Three years is getting to the beginning of the time when the cell could wear out, but often problems with a SWG are actually caused by improper chemical levels and clear up once the water is properly balanced. If you want to explore that possibility, you should post a full set of water test results and tell us what has been happening.

Unless you have been having problems with your current unit, it makes sense to just replace the cell.

There are many different brands and they do vary somewhat, but the differences aren't large. AutoPilot has the most features and tends to be expensive. Hayward is probably just a little more reliable than others (though they all have occasional problems). Compupool has gotten popular because they are less expensive than most.

Paul G

Jun 23, 2010
Doing some research we are looking at the Hayward Goldline, AQR-X296-TCELL9, Goldline Aqua Rite X296 Salt Chlorinators. It has the X296 control for arid climates, has a cooling fan and updated software. We are in Surprise, Arizona, northwest of Phoenix. We have a 16k gal pool. This is good up to 25k gal. Poolsupplyworld.com has the best prices on chlorinators that we have found.

Any opinion on this particular SWG?


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Mar 28, 2007
I recently installed a CompuPool unit. It seems to be very well built and the price was
right. I installed a 40,000 gal unit on a 25,000 gallon pool. It seems to make plenty
of chlorine running 6 hours a day. The plates are further apart to reduce calcium clogging.
I due notice that it will need cleaning every couple of months of use. Here in Phoenix(Sun City West)
we have well water that has high calcium content. As time goes on the fill water adds more calcium
content because the water evaporates, but the calcium does not.

When I installed the unit I also installed a 2" Ball valve across the input and output of the unit so I could
control the amount of water passing through the unit. The reason for this was to increase the water flow
to my floor cleaning system. This made my floor cleaning system actually clean the pool floor, sure made
a difference with the added water flow.

I might add that, I replaced a QuikChlor that was originally installed by the pool builder. This unit had
plates that were close together which restricted the water flow and had a constant clogging problem.
The cells only last about 2 years and need replacing. I had one replaced under warranty just before the
the warranty expired, so I got almost 4 years use from the unit.

Cliff s

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