SWG pool pump run times


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Apr 29, 2013
Please post up how much you run your pump...I'm trying to get an idea if I'm running too much or too little, and also trying to decide how to reprogram for winter.
Shifting the runtime to nighttime seems like a good idea, because the freeze protection will kick in occasionally anyways, then of course dial back the total hours/day.

Here's what I've run thru the summer, the chemistry seemed fine...
HIGH 1, 10am-6pm (8hrs)
LOW 1, 8pm-12am (4hrs)
HIGH 2 --none
LOW 2, 4am-8am (4hrs)


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
I run about 6 hours daily this time of year but it's important to note that each pool is different and you should run your pool enough to keep it clean and provide chlorination. Just how much that ends up being will be based on your observations and adjustments.


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Sep 19, 2012
Lake Nona, Florida
We run our pump 7 hours per day at a mid-low speed (1750). The SWG is currently at a 40% duty cycle.
We are holding steady FC levels and the water is clean/clear.

In the winter we may play with longer run times and lower duty cycle for the SWG to see if the solar can keep the temps higher.

We have not had the pool a year yet and are still learning by trial and (occasional) error.


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May 3, 2007
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20000 Gallon Pool

Summer schedule
1 hour high speed
3 hours low speed

Winter schedule (now)
1 hour high speed
1 hour low speed

I would say you are running your pump way too long but you will never know without some experimentation.

Also, keep in mind that the chemistry is not all the dependent on the pump run time. The most important thing is to get enough chlorine in the water so there is a limiting factor there with SWGs. But after that, pump run time is really about keeping the dirt out of the pool.