SWG Plunge now what????


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Just ordered the Auto Pilot DIG 36 for my 13,000 IG, price $856.95 delivered from poolsupplyworld, which I thought was a good price. I read through the Manual, maybe too fast, but what type of salt to I need to add to my pool and how much???

I would also like to thank Poolsean for info he told me, it was basically the deciding factor on which one to buy, it is a pretty big puchase at least for me, can you say stimulate the economy, glad its made in the USA

I am sure once it arrives I will be on the forum to ask how & where to install it

Thanks for this forum TFP rocks

Rob :rockon:


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May 7, 2007
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You should get a pack of AquaChek salt test strips and measure your current salt level. Then you can use my Pool Calculator, see the link in my signature, to figure out how much salt to add. The AutoPilot unit will also tell you how much salt to add once you get it installed and tell it the size of your pool.

Use solar salt, sold for water softeners, to raise the salt level. Water softener salt is sold by places like Home Depot and Lowes. Look for salt crystals in the blue bags, 99+% pure. Avoid iron fighter, rust remover, or any similar additives.


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May 8, 2007
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The ideal salt concentration for the AutoPilot is 3000 ppm according to their manual. Assuming you have no salt in your pool, you will need about 8 40lb bags of 99.9% pure solar salt or pool salt (solar salt is usually cheaper @ about 4-5 bucks per bag). You should test or have your water tested for salt just to be sure where your starting point is.

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