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May 29, 2010
I have a new Aqua Trol RJ that I haven't installed due to needing a fitting, and, as I've recently converted from Baquacil the pool chemicals are pretty close to where they should be. CYA level is about 65, PH at 7.6, TA after deducting for CYA is about 110. There is a solar dome over the pool and we get a lot of cloudy days so the pool doesn't seem to loose a lot of FC per day. Also, with CYA at 65 I was told it's ok to swim in the pool up to about 15 FC. So I'm wondering if I can just add chlorine to get FC to 15 and after about four days when it drops down to FC of 3ppg to add more chlorine then? If this is acceptable I'm thinking that isn't very much pool maintenance for a short pool season so I'd just sell the SWG. Thoughts?

I would like to get my TA down as the PH rises fairly quickly. The pool probably has sunlight on it for about 10 hours a day. Currently the pump runs 24/7 as my timer is broke (I was going to use the Aqua Trol timer). What would be a good value to get the TA down to to minimize PH build up, and, how would one do this?


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Apr 27, 2010
Fleming Island, FL
As far a raising FC up to 15 and letting it drop to 3ppm, I think this is personal preference. I personally do not like to swim with chlorine levels that high. As is told here from time to time anything below shock is swimmable. I like to swim in mine when the FC is around 4 - 7.

To get your TA down just read this link at pool school How to lower TA. The level will depend on your pool chemistry, but the recommendation for your pool is anywhere from 70 - 90+. I would bring it down to 80 - 90 and see how your acid consumption is.
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