SWG max flow without producing chlorine


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Jun 10, 2019
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So i have an intelliflo vsf on my 10k gallon pool and i just installed an ichlor 30 on the pool return line. I read that this SWG requires a minimum of 20 gpm and a maximum of 105 gpm to operate but it doesnt say anything about absolute max gpm without operation to prevent damage... Sometimes i put the pump at more than 105 gpm to mix fluids that i add or clean the pool. Woult it be safe to tun the intelliflo at these speeds without damaging the cell?


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Jul 21, 2013
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The SWG cell cannot be damaged with high flow rates but your MasterTemp heater can be. Do you have a bypass to limit the flow through the heater to 70 GPM?


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Mar 2, 2011
The iChlor® SCG is designed to operate with water flow rates from 20 gallons per minute (gpm) up to 105 gpm. Refer to the pipe manufacturer specifications for recommended maximum flow rate. For flow rates over 80 gpm you must use a bypass loop (as shown below) for best chlorine production. Installations with flow rates over 80 gpm include those that have in-floor cleaning systems or booster pumps. These systems MUST use a bypass loop with the iChlor with a flow control valve that assures that the flow through the iChlor is maintained within its designed operating water flow rates.

I don't think that you should ever need flow in excess of 80 gpm for any purpose. If you want to exceed 80 GPM, I would recommend a bypass.
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