SWG makes pump noiser


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Jul 28, 2007
Hi, I posted this on another forum but just found this one and thought that I would post here also.

All our equipment is Jandy, when the SWG (Aquapure) turns on, the pump makes a lot more noise. For instance, when the SWG is set on 80%, it will switch on for 80% of the time and off for 20% of the time. when the light for the swg come on the pump suddenly starts making a lot more noise. I have tried turning the swg cell around thinking that I had it in backwards but this makes no difference.

It is not just a little more noise but quite a bit more, enough to bother us when we are on the patio. It has been doing this since new, I just now figured out that the extra noise happens when the swg comes on, before I thought that I just had a noisy pump with a bad bearing or something.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks, Tim