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May 21, 2019
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I recently purchased a Hayward Aqua Rite SWG System and have a questions regarding the install. I have about a 5 foot run of straight pipe after the pool heater in which to install the system and will also be adding in a check value. In the manual, it says that the flow switch can be installed on either side of the cell generator. My question is, can I install the check valve in between the cell and switch? Reasoning being to protect the flow switch from high levels of chlorine when the pump is turned off, same as the heater. Any issues with this setup?


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Apr 21, 2020
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It could be reading a heater manual too liberally. On my last pool, the manual said a check valve was needed before an automatic chlorinator. I read that as a puck chlorinator but my pool installer may have considered SWG to also be automatic chlorinators and installed a check valve or they just installed it out of habit. I didn't ask.
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Jul 7, 2014
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There is just no "concentrated" levels of anything inside a salt cell when the power is off. It just makes a little chlorine at any one time. And when the power is off, or the flow quits, there is just nothing left inside the cell. It does not have a tank, like a tab feeder.

You need the check valve because a tab feeder has a high level of low pH acid soup that is still there when the pump is off. This soup can flow backwards into the heater. It has nothing do with the chlorine.

Install one if you want, but it is just a waste of time and money and will just increase your back pressure.


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