SWG Hot Tub Bioguard system converting to BBB


Feb 2, 2019
Bucyrus, Ohio
Ok. I need help! I have read ALL the post and threads and am still confused.

1. How do I get away with not paying for the Watkins sock at refill?

2. Do I follow the same for the spa levels as the pool forum?

3. Does the high heat effect the recommended levels of chemicals?

4. Is there something ( a chart) to show the comparison or replacement chemicals for shock, salt, chlorine, minerals mytes, defoamers etc...?


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
What's a Watkins sock? Are we talking about a stand alone hot tub here or the 28k gallon pool?? Does the hot tub also SWG sanitation? I'm all confused as to what you're changing here....?

Whatever chemicals you've *been* using are probably not going to be needed again- no mineral mytes (??) no defoamers... just normal stuff used in a pool also being used in a hot tub/spa.

Have you read this yet--> Trouble Free Pool
and this--> How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?

My hot tub has a small SWG that works just like my pool's SWG. A bit of salt, an initial dose of chlorine and CYA and it toodles away maintaining the FC level.

Owner testing is a *must* to monitor the quality of the water. Do you have a decent test kit yet?? One of the two we recommend?? That's a HUGE help.

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