SWG for vinyl liner in-ground pools with metal walls???


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Jun 9, 2014
Charlotte, NC
I am getting mixed reviews online and was hoping for some advise. I am considering switching to a Salt Water Generator system for my 28,000 vinyl liner in-ground pool. The wall is metal. some online forums say no due to metal frame, others say not an issue. What is your advise? thank you in advance.


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Aug 30, 2016
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I'm installing a new pool right now...vinyl with steel walls. I'm going salt.

Walls are going to rust...not just from chlorinated water but from ground water and moisture. From what I read, just keep your PH in balance and you'll be fine.


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Aug 10, 2012
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All pools have salt in them. All forms of chlorine, muriatic acid, people and tap water all add salt to a pool. It is not uncommon for a pool to have 1000 ppm of salt in it after a couple of years. Saltwater pools usually have 2800-3200 ppm salt in them, human tears have 9000 ppm salt and ocean water has 35,000 ppm salt.
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