SWG for AGP, questions


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Jun 7, 2010
Hey fellow pool owners, I am new here but been reading up on everything. But, still have a few questions.

I have a 27ft x 52" AGP appox 18.6k gals. I received a chlorease SWG about 4 yrs ago as a gift. I never installed it till this year as it is rated for 18k and my pool being bigger and living in south Louisiana. lots of heat, humitity and afternoon showers. I didnt think this could do the job. so installed it got numbers right and let it go. It was doing great for 2 wks till the transformer quit working. Family really like the way the water felt and looked not to mention less upkeep for me.

Anyway, I was looking at replacing it with a Aqua rite or aqua trol. I know the trol is for AGP but both will work for my pool. My question is what is the difference in the control units. I was thinking of getting the trol which is rated for 18k. and it is the best price of the all. I realize that the cell will prob go out quicker. But when it does Can I put a bigger cell on that control unit like one for aquarite 40k or 25k.

Also, fellow aqua owners how offen does the cell need replacing under normal uses?



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May 7, 2007
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The main difference is that the Aqua Rite can work with any of three different cell sizes, while the Aqua Trol only works with the 18k cell. The Aqua Trol is designed to be easy to install in a typical above ground situation, you plug it into the pumps outlet and then you plug the pump into the Aqua Trol. The Aqua Trol also includes a pump timer. The Aqua Rite is designed for a hard wired install, typical of in-ground pools, with an external timer or automation system.

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