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Aug 4, 2017
stillwater oklahoma
a friend of mine has this giant pool (55k). when he told me he was using tabs in a giant tab feeder, i went oh my his cya is going to be a problem. water changes cost him quite a bit because he has to have the water trucked out.
so his cya is 100+ now.
i was going to recommend him to go with an swg, but i think he would need two 60k units.
is that possible?


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Aug 14, 2012
Ellington, CT
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Pureline Crystal Pure 60,000
Just as a data point, a Cirupool RJ60 puts out 3.1 lbs of chlorine gas per day, which in a 55k pool can add 6.8 ppm per day. This means that you could run it at 100% for 15 hrs and get 4.2 FC or run it 24 hrs at 60% (4.1 FC per day) . I personally think that with a VS pump, this is a better option than running multiple SWG.
I'm not pushing Cirupool product; there are other ~60K rated SWGs, but you have to run the numbers based on their lbs per day ratings. Pentair, as an example, has an IC60 that puts out 2.0 lbs of chlorine gas per day. Which in a 55k gallon pool will produce 4.4 ppm FC per day, which is marginal at best.
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