SWG - First Water Testing

May 10, 2017
My water tests are coming back as follows (twice, 3 days apart). The tests are very accurate through Taylor k-2000.

PH 7.3
TA 200
CYA 20
FC 10.5
CC 0
CH - I did not remeasure today, but was right in line 3 days ago.
Salt - Pool company just added 2 weeks ago (to new pool). I ordered Salt Test for Taylor, but not yet received. Cannot verify levels (although, seem accurate through swim).

From what I've read on TFP's advice and forum, I believe the only change I should make to the water is turning down my SWG a little and increasing CYA.

This is what I've gathered, but please advise if I am wrong.

-I am slowly increasing CYA. I'm guessing I don't need to do this TOO quickly (as I am still learning amounts and don't want to overdue this one... I am very green at this). Is decreasing slowly okay because the FC is still running too high. Accurate? Basically, is the low level only a big (immediate) concern because your FC levels will drop, causing issues. Or, is there another damaging aspect of low CYA.
-I'm not decreasing TA (through TFP's method), because I believe they advised to leave high levels alone if not causing an issue. So far, it is not causing my PH to increase (and the TA has decreased from 230, 3 days ago).

Please advise.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all confused new SWCG pool owners... :shark:

Looking at you numbers, I agree that your FC is too high and needs to come down. You can do this by reducing your pump run time and/or reducing the percent of SWCG output..

As far as CYA goes, with a SWCG pool, you should have a CYA level of 70 or 80, but the only real downside to low CYA is that your FC will burn off quicker. Better to bring it up slowly.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.