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Sep 8, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Great site! New to a pool this year. I have an Intex 15' x 48" and am going to upgrade the filter and pump. My question (and pardon my stupidity) :?: is can a sand filter be used with a SWG? My local pool guy is suggesting a sand filter. The one he has is 18" with a 3/4 HP pump. He does not sell the SWG and I am very interested in using that instead of all the chemicals, but am still open to suggestions and opinions. I also am interested in finding out how to hook a sand filter up to a pool cleaner........Thanks in advance for the help.........Bill


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Jun 28, 2010
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The SWG will work with a sand filter and pump. That is what I'm running with my Intex pool and a couple of modifications.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Welcome to TFP.

Yes, a sand (or any other type) filter can be used with a SWCG.

Don't be fooled into the belief that a salt water pool is a chemical free pool. It's still a chlorine pool, you just don't have to haul chlorine. You still need the other chemicals associated with maintinaing a pool.

Having said that, if you'll follow the guidelines here you won't use any more chemicals than absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy, sanitary pool.

An SWCG is a great adjunct to maintaining your pool but you still need to test and adjust as required. You should do yourself a favor and go ahead and order a good test kit. You can use it with a SWCG too. :)


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Oct 19, 2010
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CrookM11, I was looking at your set up and am trying to figure out how you are set up with two hoses feeding the pump? I see what looks like an external strainer? Do you have a better picture? Not to hijack the thread, but I have the SWG and am looking at adding a sand filter like yours, how do you like the sand filer system?

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