SWG and Return Fitting Fountain


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Jul 17, 2016
OK, this is a strange question. I have a new SWG that is connected near the return eye. I also have a PVC fountain that works by replacing the return eye with the fountain. We basically have been using this fountain when the pool gets too hot to help in cooling it down.

The SWG produces chlorine gas that mixes into the water to kill algae and bacteria. My SWG is clear so I can see the gas being pumped into the return line. I can also see the chlorine gas coming out of the return into the pool when the SWG is on.

Now the strange question. If I connect the fountain to the return eye, will I lose all the chlorine gas that is being produced to the outside air as the water is now going to be pumped into the sky instead of directly into the pool? Will connecting the fountain be dangerous in any way (e.g., water pressure build up with the chlorine not pumping out easily or chlorine being pumped into the air)?

Sorry if the questions are stupid but this is my first experience with a SWG.


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May 31, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Not so stupid in my opinion!

My SWG arrives later this week so I replumbed yesterday to prepare for it's arrival (there was no room for the SWG in the return line). Had I seen this question yesterday I probably would have done something different. I have an aerator that I could have plumbed in before the SWG.....hmmmm, not to late I guess!

Thanks for the question.