Sweeper Pump Problem

Jun 29, 2007
The little pump that powers my polaris 360 had started leaking at the intake and output connections. I tried last night to replumb it. When I cut the PVC leading to it and started unscrewing both connections I noticed silicon caulk around them. I had a feeling I knew why they were there, now I know. After screwing in the new connections and hooking everthing back up, I turned on the pump and water squirts out around the connections(from the thread area). I used teflon tape so that won't work. Is there anyway to make this stop leaking short of dipping the threads in pvc glue/silcone caluk and screwing them in? I haven't tried pipe dope. The pump works fine so I don't want to replace it. But I can't use it it leaks so bad now. I've searched the forum and didn't find anything on this. Thanks for your help.


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TFP Expert
Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
I'd try pipe dope, but make sure it's the kind for PVC pipe. The other kind can cause cracking of the fitting or pump housing when you tighten it.
Jun 29, 2007
Well it's running for now.

I went to the local pool shop and they said to put some silicone on the threads and tighten it decently by hand. I went by Lowe's and asked the guy in there and he told me I probably tightened it too much since it's PVC into a plastic housing. He said take out the fittings and retape with teflon and tighten it by hand. So far so good. It's been running for a couple of hours and no leaks I can see. Thanks for the help! :)