SWCG Percentages: Do they Have a direct linear effect on FC?


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Dec 10, 2015
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I pose this question due to an anomaly I am observing with FC consumption and SWCG outputs. Recently we have had sunny dry days without much rain here in So FL. A good time to dial in my SWCG or so I thought.
My salt water pool is balanced TA: 70, CYA 72 - 76, CH 425, Salt 3600. pH a very stead 7.7 . CSI -0.9 - -0.12. The swcg has a tiny bit of scale on it. The water is clear, filters are clean and there is no sign of algae.

Currently I am running the SWCG for 16.5 hrs per day. It produces 0.2666 ppm per hr. at 100%. It is a Jandy Apure 35. Total FC potential production at 16.5hrs * 0.2666 = 4.399

At a 60% setting total daily production is 2.639 ppm
At 40% 1.759 ppm

Two days ago the FC reading was 8.5 at 8 a.m. with the SWCG running at 60% 8.5 + 2.639 = 11.1639 minus the following morning's FC reading of 9.5 = A loss of FC of 1.6639 ppm over 24 hours
Reviewing those numbers, I say to myself I should safely be able to switch the SWCG output to 40% because that will be 1.759 ppm, an overage of 0.1 ppm, right? I switched over to 40% output and here is what happened.
Instead of the expected reading the following morning I found I did not maintain the FC level of 9.5 as expected, but that it had dropped to 8.5 for a total loss of 2.6639 ppm over 24 hours.

Can two minutes less of run time every ten minutes create a disproportionate drop in FC?

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Jul 7, 2014
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It is just not that perfect...

Every day is different.. Some days cloudy, some days more sunny, more or less bather load, adding water, water loss, etc...

I am just too lazy to go through the effort to try and micro-manage my SWCG.. I just set the % so to my FC stays at my Target or higher... This means I never have to worry about going too low and I don't care if I go a little too high.

I probably change my output % about once a month... if that..


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Aug 20, 2020
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Agreed... the exact FC change will vary a lot from day to day, even with the same SWG output. Personally I like to keep my FC in the 8-10 range and I have my SWG set to maintain that conservatively, which means it often creeps a little higher. I'll test about once a week and if the FC is 12 or more then I'll just turn off the SWG for a couple of days and let it drift back down. Remember that it's safe to swim up to SLAM level, which is around 28 at your CYA, so it's never a problem to let it go a little high.

Going low is a much bigger problem. Algae can take hold very quickly if your FC level is under, and I had it happen to me earlier this summer when I was trying to be as precise as you are. One bad storm turned my pool into a green monster overnight. So now I tend to err in the opposite direction and it's worked out well since then.

In fact, now that the weather is getting colder, I didn't even bother to adjust the SWG output. I'm just letting it push towards SLAM level which will be perfect for closing.
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