SWCG - Does CSI Need to be Managed


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Aug 14, 2012
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I have and IG vinyl pool and never really paid much attention to my low CH (at least since using the TFP method) and therefore didn't manage my CSI. However this year I went all in with Inyo Pool and installed their Crystal Pure 60k SWCG along with the Purline 1.65hp VS pump. I believe that I read here on TFP that with a SWCG CSI should be higher that -0.3. First is this true and second how would I go about this with my current water chemistry. I believe that the only screw I have to adjust to bring my current CSI (-1.12) up is to raise my CH (70 ppm).
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Jan 4, 2016
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A low CSI should not bother your SWCG at all.

Sometimes when CSI runs high (as in greater than 0.0) people start to get scale on the SWCG plates, so you've probably seen mention of keeping CSI between -0.3 and 0.0 to avoid this, but it's actually associated with a recommendation to reduce CSI rather than increase it. (mostly occurs in areas with high calcium and alkaline water, such as the southwest). Your water looks good!


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Apr 1, 2007
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You can ignore csi. East Coast pools typically don't have enough calcium content in their water for csi to be any concern.