Sutro: automated reagent-based testing


Apr 10, 2017
Westchester NY
We’ve heard a lot of skepticism about pHin and Sutro (two Kickstarter-type remote automated pH and Chlorine monitor projects that have eventually taken off, with pHin being acquired by Hayward).

Sutro has interestingly scrapped their first design already and chosen to use the same method as kit-based testing, but using a cartridge of reagants and sensors to do what we might do when checking the color of the resulting tests manually.

Here is their latest update:

What do folks think? Again, Sutro appears to be taking the chemical kit-based approach and just using automation and colorimetric sensors to replace the need for a human eye and hands to scoop up the water sample, add the chemicals, and look at the sample colors.


May 6, 2013
Houston, TX
I have the pHin and it's a pretty neat toy. I travel a bit and I have found it to be pretty useful with regards to alerting me about a problem when I'm in the other side of the world for a couple of weeks at a time. (Say someone hasn't added chlorine or acid when asked to check on it) :) I'll know pretty quickly things are out if whack. I wouldn't trust it over my new favorite TF-100 kit though, but I do trust it to tell me if things are going to get ugly soon while I'm traveling. I did their subscription chemical service when it first came out, but it's just not cost effective for my pool, I exceeded the max shipment allotment... The reason it works is because they have you shock it every week... I'll admit that my pool looked good when I was using it, but it was just overkill on adding chemicals and $$ vs just taking care of it the as recommended on TFP. It's 99/yr for me so I'm going to keep it just because I love IoT and it's a cool toy that can tell me if I'm about to run off the road.

I'm very interested to see how Sutro performs, they are in the news again now and getting ready for a release in the next several weeks I saw. If these types of devices could get perfected I'd love to use one. In my book, anything that simplifies "stuff" is good - as long as it does it safely and reliably.


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Check out Water Guru. They have a neat skimmer based IoT device for pool monitoring.

Maybe all three of them can get together, make their devices cross compatible and then you can have all three of them in your pool at once !!


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Jul 3, 2018
Thank you for sharing and passing along the info.
Hard to say definitively at this point if this will be a hit or miss.
But I'm watching, listening and learning.
Who knows. Personally, I'll wait to "pass a verdict until the jury returns".
Thanks again!