Superflo VS connection to Solartouch


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May 23, 2020
Melbourne fl
I appreciate any advice available. I purchased the external communication wire for my Superflo vs, I wired the red and yellow leads to the solar relay in my solartouch, maybe I'm missing a step but when I hold the start/stop button for a few seconds on my pump it goes into ext. Control only mode and when the solar kicks on it turns my pump on to speed 2, which is what I want, BUT when solar is not on, the pump is off also. Shouldn't there be a way that the pump goes back to running its normal schedule/speeds when the solar goes off?


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Jul 7, 2014
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It should but the speed has to be scheduled.. For example.

Schedule speed 1 from 7 am until 7 pm

If the solar kicks in at 8 am and shuts off at 10 am, the pump will run at speed 1 from 7 am until 8 am when it goes to speed 2 and then at 10 am it will go back to speed 1 and then the pump will shut off at 7 pm..


Jim R.