Sunstone Pearl feel...St. Lucia Pearl color opinion?


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Jul 21, 2019
Northern Virginia
Hello, we are considering using Sunstone Pearl for our new pool....a large pool with a tanning shelf. Anyone choose Sunstone Pearl and regret it because of the feel? Secondly, we wanted a darker blue water effect so chose St. Lucia pearl. We went based on the sample as there don’t seem to be any pics out there of finished pools with that surface. It is a special order with an upcharge. Anyone use it or seen it in application?


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Jul 17, 2019
Prosper, TX (DFW)
I've never heard of them, but a quick google and they appear to be a Pebble Tec knock off. Thats what we are putting in and are doing the PebbleSheen as its a smaller aggregate so its not as rough. Those types of pebble finishes last longer than traditional plaster, are not prone to swirling like you see in some of the quartz finishes, but are also rougher. Good luck.