sunny vs shady pool with kids?

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Jun 24, 2019
Westhampton, NY
New to TFP... first summer in a new house with my first pool of my own. The house is in a pretty wooded area and the pool right now gets full sun from about 11:30-3:00 with partial sun for the rest of the day. The trees that partially block the sun in the afternoon are in my neighbors yard so nothing I can do there. I can take down one big hickory tree on the other side and pretty much have full sun from the beginning of the day. If it were just for me that tree would be gone already because I love the sun, but I really bought the house and pool so my 1 year old son could grow up enjoying it. My question for the forum is will I regret taking down this tree when he’s old enough to play in it all day and there’s sunburn and heat exhaustion, etc to worry about? I have a heater so keeping it warm enough won’t be a problem although it’s very expensive (not that cutting a 50 ft hickory will be cheap but it will eventually pay back in propane savings I think) and bad for the environment so keeping it warmer naturally is a plus.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Two words for you..................umbrella and shade sail.............well that is really three words but you get what I mean! Some carefully placed umbrellas and a shade sail or two and that tree is not needed any more!!!

Post up a pic or two of the yard so we can see what you are working with. Let us know what tree you are thinking of removing as well.

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Apr 11, 2019
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You don't want your water to get too warm or what will be the point of trying to cool off in a gigantic hot bathtub. Also, the water will evaporate at a slight faster rate under direct sun all day. A lot sun eats up the chlorine levels so you'll be chlorinating more or running your SWG longer. Algae would become an issue you'd have to spend more money to keep at bay. Personally, if not for the leaves that drop in my pool all day, every day, I wouldn't mind the tree that shades my pool for half the day. I turn the nozzle of my hose off, turn the spigot on, let the hose fill up with water and turn it off again, let it sit in the sun and warm up and put that HOT water(water heated in a hose is SCALDING hot so don't let your son touch it) into my pool a couple times a day, or more if I'm working with the hose for something else, then put a solar blanket on at night to hold the heat in. Once the weather warms up to swimming temps, I can warm my 16 foot pool 10 degrees (from mid to high 60s to mid to high 70s) in just 4 or 5 days. This has a tendency to wear my hoses out faster, and I've had to replace them every year or two, but they're so much cheaper than a heater, or battling chlorine loss and algae gain. And yes, as kimkats said, patio umbrellas and shade sails make perfect easy solutions.


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Apr 16, 2007
My pool is in full sun from 0800-2100. I have a 6 year old granddaughter here using it and I sunblock her up with SPF50 everytime we use it. She's never been severely burned. As far as sitting around on the deck... yea it gets hot but that's what umbrellas are for. I love that it is in full sun all day.
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