Sunny Central California

Mar 1, 2017
Sanger, CA
Hello everyone,

We (wife and 2 kids) bought this house a couple of years ago and I've been struggle through my pool maintenance ever since. I have a good local pool supply place that is very helpful and has competitively priced parts and chemicals. However, the information I receive from them seems more like a "rule of thumb".

We have an in-ground pool with a short diving board, pebble tech with in-floor (abandoned) cleaning system , 2x suction "The Pool Cleaner" vacuum, DE filter Nautilus FNS60 and a Pentair VS pump.

I use liquid chlorine, tablets in a floater and liquid muriatic acid.

I use a small basic residential test kit, kind of like the Taylor k-1001. I just order a Taylor K-2006, based on the recommendation of this site. I'm really look for more specific analysis of my pool. I figured, I'd better get educated... Thanks for having me!