Sunny Blues

Sunny Blues

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May 18, 2012
:wave: Hi! Just introducing myself. My husband and I installed an in ground pool 5 years ago. 16 x 32 vinyl liner. This is our first time using BBB having just discovered it. I've learned so much already and am glad to have a place to pose questions for any concerns or complications we have.

We had the pool company open again this year, (we've never done it,) and are still in the midst of "correcting" their mess with our water. We will attempt to close by ourselves for the first time so I will be asking you all for lots of help when that time comes :shock:. Meanwhile, I'll read as much as possible about it through the other posts.

Currently I'm trying to get our FC up and stable. I've got various questions regarding the reading of the test results and applicable procedures, so I'll post them in their respective threads.

A little "about us": we have three wonderful school-aged kids; we LOVE our backyard and spending time in our pool; we also desire to make our lawn/landscaping beautiful to be in at the least possible cost, just like our pool. I wish I had an extra 6 hours for every day in the fall and winter because when warm weather comes, we literally live in our yard and nothing else gets done!

To Jason and all the moderators: let me just say right up front, "Thank you for volunteering your time just to help other people avoid/recover from costly mistakes or learn how to reduce the cost of owning a pool. I will never underestimate your good intentions and the amount of time you freely give"