sunheater s601 questions


Jul 19, 2009

Im thinking about installing some Sunheaters in our inground pool and am trying to find out a couple of things.

Is there a maximum number of collectors that you can have plumbed together?
Could you have them on a rack that had them working vertically, instead of horizontally? I am trying to get away with only having to build one rack.



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Apr 4, 2007
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Usually there is a limit due to flow issues, but it will vary by manufacturer.

I don't think most panels are suited for a vertical mount. The weight of the water would put a strain on the panels, and the vertical installation wouldn't be as efficient as a more horizontal installation due to the low solar gain in the middle of the day.


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May 14, 2007
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I have 3 - 4'x20' panels plumbed inline on a sun room roof. Works amazing, and you have to love the free heat.

I can get a 10 degree gain on a nice sunny day.

If I made modifications, I would build a rack system, that can be moved as the angle of the sun changes as the months roll on.

April, I can swim easy when the sun comes out for two days, this april, pool went from 64 degree's on a Tuesday, to 81 wednesday night. I think that is due to the angle of the sun in early summer, in the fall, I don't get very much increase as I believe the suns rays are deflecting off my panels and not truly being absorbed. If I could crank the angle up, then I would be ok.