Sunblock and stand alone hot tub


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Jul 12, 2020
Hammonton, NJ
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So we are going on our 3rd year having our hotspring limelight hot tub. Our first year we were using it with the kids at the lowest temperature as a small little cool down pool during the day and heating it up at night. The first year keeping it clean was a nightmare as well as tons of foam. I didn’t realize until later that sunblock is kind of a no no. Also realized bathing suits washed with soap create a ton of foam in the tub. I learned to wash ours only in hot water but again guest didn’t get it. So after that we made a rule of no sunblock so we really only used it at night, but I felt bad explaining to family. It wasn’t a cheap hot tub so they understood but couldn’t help feel bad.
Now we are getting a pool and I can see this being revisited to use to warm up from the pool quickly. There would be no avoiding the sunblock getting into the hot tub as well as the foam.
Is there a way to get around this? How do you guys use a stand alone hot tub with people going back and forth during the day between the two?
From my understanding attached hot tubs don’t have this issue because of the larger volume of water and much larger filter that is managing the pool water and spa water at the same time.
We love the stand alone and it’s justified because we love using it at night in cold months where an attached hot tub would be closed.


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Jun 16, 2019
How do you guys use a stand alone hot tub with people going back and forth during the day between the two?
I kept mine at 104 which was too warm for the kids. 'Oooooh, sorry, it will take a long time to cool down.'

The pool was the attraction, and they were welcome to it. The hot tub was for us.


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Jun 1, 2018
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I find that in the summer ours mostly gets used by the kids if the pool is really cold so generally we don’t “block up” because they won’t be in long anyway. Also when i use it after a day of swimming i just don’t get in right after applying sunscreen. Between the pool, toweling off, & my little scum bug I don’t have any issues
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