Summersatthelake Pool Build

Been lurking for awhile but thought it was time to jump in. Shotcrete is going in starting tomorrow morning (NO RAIN TONIGHT!!) at 8:00 and I have a live web cam if anyone wants to view the progress. Here is a link to the camera:

I do have a PB to do most of the pool and decking but I did all of the retaining walls and excavating. I will probably only have the camera pointing towards the pool for a couple of days and then move it back towards the lake but will start another thread and update pictures at various stages.



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Sep 27, 2007
Awesome. The steps are looking great too. I bet that bobcat driver is very careful. One wrong move and it turns into a submarine. Is that Four Seasons or Tan-Tara?


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Jul 19, 2007
Katy, TX
WOW!!! Your house is gorgeous!!!!!! Absolutely....breathtaking. Can I come for a visit ;)????? The pool looks awsome too. I really like all the stone work. Very nice....I'm jealous.
Few More Pic's

My PB got the steps and stone cap finished on Friday and it looks like he is just about to the point of waiting until spring to install all the pentair products, miracote, and pebbletec--that will be just fine with me as the warranty (and payment) doesn't start until completion and I have LOTS of hardscaping/landscaping to get accomplished by then. My plan is to stucco the concrete retaining walls kind of a neutral color.