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Aug 10, 2007
long island, ny
hello everyone!
i will be overseas (last week of june until 3rd week in july)in the beginning of pool season here in northeast, other than hiring a pool maint co. is it possible to winterize my pool, auto chlorinate in addtion to floaters, & then cover (looploc) for safety? pls. advice. thanks


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Setting a pool up so it can survive on it's own for a month in the middle of the summer without getting algae is tricky but often possible. Leaving a pool alone for that long is always somewhat of a gamble, it may or may not work even if you set things up perfectly. One option is to just turn everything off and deal with it later. If there is any way you can get someone to check up on the pool a couple of times a week that would be much simpler.

You need to think about chlorine delivery, water level, PH drift, leaves and other debris, etc. A mesh cover can help with safety and debris. Chlorine is simplest if you have a SWG or Liquidator. Otherwise it is tricky to go more than perhaps two weeks. The water chemistry needs to be balanced well enough that any PH drift remains within bounds.

If you tell us more about your pool we can give more specific advice. Do you have an auto water level system, SGW, puck feeder, etc? Do you normally need to adjust PH frequently? What are your normal targets for the various water chemistry levels? What form of chlorine do you normally use? Do you have a timer on the pump? And anything else that might apply.