Summer Vacation


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Jul 17, 2012
Forest, VA
Ok so on Saturday the family is headed on vacation until the following Saturday. My pool chews through about 3-3.5ppm chlorine per day from sun exposure and occasional bathers. So for 7 days I should add 21-25ppm above minimum of 4. So 30ppm total on saturday morning? My CYA is 50. Will it damage the vinyl liner to be that high? I will have someone to turn the filter on every morning and off every evening. Any advice/suggestions are welcome. I also have a few dichlor pucks available and a chlorine feeder as well. Thanks for any replies!


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
Just bump it up to 20ppm, which is shock level. You can add a puck in the chlorinator just to keep the FC up and it should be fine.


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Jul 22, 2016
Twin Cities, MN
I hear ya on that. When I went away I pre measured my chlorine for my mother in law when she came over to check on the pool while we were gone. All she had to do was dump it in. But then again I am that kind of guy about things like this lol.