sulfuric acid v muriatic acid

Henry M

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Oct 7, 2015
Coral Springs, Florida
The fellow who owns his own, local pool store mentioned that sulfuric acid is a better way to affect pH than muriatic acid. I've not heard this before, and have always used muriatic acid. My SWG needed cleaning, and I used muriatic acid, which seem to work just fine. But he said sulfuric acid is better for pool use. Would love to hear from someone who knows more than I about this sort of thing. Thanks very much.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Here at TFP we prefer the use of muriatic acid. It is cheaper, it works well near immediately. And most importantly it doesn't leave sulphates behind which are damaging to plaster finishes and SWG cells.

Stick to MA, from the hardware store. Which could be why the pool store prefers to sell you dry acid... keeps you out of the hardware store, eh?

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Sulfates - what's the problem?


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Jun 26, 2012
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I'm not a chemist, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Muriatic acid is hydrogen chloride, so you're not adding anything new that's not already in your water. Sulfuric acid would add sulfur, which I don't imagine is something anyone would want in their pool.


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Mar 2, 2011
For some reason, this seems to be an idea in Florida.

There is no benefit to using sulfuric acid in a pool. Muriatic acid is much better.

Ask the store owner why he thinks that sulfuric acid is better.


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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
Ask the store owner why he thinks that sulfuric acid is better.
+1 to that. It's always enlightening to find out why industry members give the advice they do. Sometimes, it's a simple misunderstanding. Other times it is rather entertaining. It's good for us to know the kind of advice and ideas that are out there though, so we genuinely would like to know what he says.

Also +1 to sticking with MA.

Henry M

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Oct 7, 2015
Coral Springs, Florida
Local pool guy says sulfuric acid is better to balance pH than muriatic acid. Never heard of this before, and am looking for comments from those who know a good deal more than I do about this sort of thing. Thanks very much.


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May 23, 2018
Fuquay-Varina, NC
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Henry M

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Oct 7, 2015
Coral Springs, Florida
Thanks very much to all who replied; all very helpful. Would sulfuric acid contribute to cloudiness in pool, considering all other chemicals are in balance? When next I see this fellow, I was certainly ask. Thanks, again

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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
The pool dealer probably get$ a really good deal on $ulfuric acid from his brother that work$ at a chemical plant. That'$ why he recommend$ $ulfiric Acid over MA.

There's a small chemical plant next to Coral Springs, FL, that's probably where he's getting his $ulfuric Acid...BTW, there's a Holiday in Select right down from the chemical plant too...


Jul 22, 2018
Cambridgeshire, England
The manufacturer of my ORP monitor said to use sulphuric because in theory muriatic can release harmful gases. Maybe that’s the reason?

Interesingly, I found it surprisingly to obtain sulphuric acid online in the UK - which was the only reason I used muriatic


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May 3, 2014
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Sulfuric acid adds sulfates to your water. It is not recommended. Sulfates build up and will destroy metal and concrete.

Muriatic acid degrades to water and salt. Only harmful gas from muriatic acid is when it is in the bottle. It will corrode metal nearby.
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