Suggestions on new CircuPool SWG?


Sep 11, 2018
N. Andover MA
Moved from here... Suggestions on new CircuPool SWG system?

I’m also considering the RJ60 and the Core 55. Chlorine production differs between the two.....2.3 vs. 3.1 pounds per day. My pool is 29k gallons. The folks at Discount Salt told me the Core 55 has latest 4th generation electronics and was their recommendation. I’m also considering Pentair IC60. Any opinions on durability/reliability of these products?
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Jul 7, 2014
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I am a highly biased Pentair kind of guy, but I would not recommend the Pentair cells unless you have their entire automation system..

The RJ60 plus is a proven system that a lot of our members have had great success with. The Core 55 is new, so not much feedback yet. If this were my pool, I would go with the one that generates the most chlorine.


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