Suggestions for vacuum pool cleaner in 1” mosaic tiled pool


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Feb 6, 2018
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Hello TFP folks, first off thank you for all the good info. I used a lot of it when moving my equipment pad and installing my new pump last year. Anyway, I have been trying to figure out a good vacuum pool cleaner since I bought the house 4 years ago. I had a plaster pool at my old house and the Hayward UltraVac worked great, but when I dropped it in the new pool, I have never been able to get it to work well. Just won’t leave the deeper end, no matter what I do (new feet, rebuild, etc). I have a feeling it is due to the entire pool being 1” mosaic tile. So I am reaching out for some real world suggestions in a replacement cleaner. I would like to stay with a vacuum “powered” option as the pool really isn’t that big to justify a “robot”.

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May 3, 2014
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No suggestions on pump powered cleaners - I have had a robot since day one and works great. I would think my fiberglass pool is just as slick are your tile one. Why use 1970's technology when you can get a robot that will clean your pool better while using far less electricity?

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.