Suggestions for Pump/Heater Timers


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Jun 4, 2007
Putnam County, NY
Hey All,

Now that the pool is open and things are looking good at the new house, I need to get a timer for the pump (220v 1.5hp). It has been on 24/7 to clear the pool but very soon I will want to ramp things down.

On previous pools I just bought the basic Intermatic Electronic timer (in the metal box) and simply switched the pump on/off. Now there are soooo many more options, dual/triple timers, automation, fireman switches, etc, so I am looking for a little guidance.

I don't have a heater yet, but plan on getting a heat pump one day so I would want a dual circuit timer to allow for expansion. I am pretty anal about maintenence, so I don't really need the full blown automation systems with remotes controls, etc. I am a DIY'er and have no problem wiring things up.

Any suggestions?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
I would go with the basic Intermatic timer. They don't cost all that much and they "just work" without problems. It will be simple enough to change it later if you need to.