Suggestions for Improving an Ugly Pump House?


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Oct 5, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
I'm slowly cleaning up the deck around the pool in the house I moved into just over a year ago. There were some rather strange things done with house when we bought it. The strangest is how they built a pump house for the pool equipment. You can see some photos at .

When we moved in the entire pump house was covered with ivy which I've removed. There was so much ivy, the doors could not be closed. The doors are completely rusty, but mostly work. I do need to prop up one door to leave room for the waste pipe. You can see a brick I use for this. There's a large rock out of view on top of the brick.

The decorative sun was there, but was invisible under all the ivy. It was kind of fun to uncover it as I was cutting the ivy back. The equipment is a bit old, but functional. I've added the pump timer and the Hayward puck chlorinator. I only use the chlorinator when I travel which is a few weeks a year. When I'm in town I use bleach.

Any thoughts on how to inexpensively make this look better? It's now the ugliest part of the house!


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Somebody here used bamboo fence panels to 'side' a play house. I thought that looked very attractive. You could do that around the front and sides and leave that back open for access. Pop a couple of tiki torches next to the pump house and you'll have the tropical look.



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May 31, 2007
South Carolina
I'll be back later after I find my HGTV hat 8)

6/03/08 ETA: Sorry for the delay, but I got lost on the way back here.......

Well, at our house we paint anything that doesn't move :shock: :lol:

The bamboo and the tiki torches sound good. Maybe some container plants. So what have you decide to do with it? Or have you already finished?

We'd like to see :lol: