Suggestions for a robotic cleaner to deal with pine needles


Sep 19, 2020
Baton Rouge, LA
My pool is currently under construction. My pool contractor included a Maytronics Dolphin S200 for $1100 in their bid. I can opt-out if I find a better option so I'm trying to sort through the many options out there. My neighbor has a couple of pine trees about 20'-25' from the pool which I know will cause a nightmare from the beginning. So I'm trying to find the best solution to help me deal with the pine needles. Will some cleaners pick up the needles better than others and still clean the pool just as good? I also have a tanning ledge that will be about 9" deep so I don't know if this factors in. I've found a bunch of threads that are kinda related, but I can't find anything directly about the S200 vs. pine needles. I'm also open to other options as well.

Thanks in advance.


Sep 19, 2020
Baton Rouge, LA
Where else would I buy it? The local stores have that price. Just to be clear, that includes tax which is about 10% in my area. Am I wrong in that this model is only available in a store? It seems the Triton has similar specs but is an online-only option.


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Jul 4, 2019
Glastonbury CT
I have a bunch of pine and hemlock trees around my pool and whatever the skimmer doesn't catch floating my pentair Warrior SE (rebranded S200) picks up when I run it. Purchased from Marina Pools for around 700 total
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Oct 2, 2013
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None of the robots do better with pine needs vs for example leaves. As long as its a quality robot, they're all about the same.
This biggest draw back of a robot in this the volume they will hold. So really, it depends on what time of year, and how many and often the pine needles fall that will tell the tale. The robot will do fine with pine needles up until the point it can't.

Dont expect it to do great on the ledge, none of em do great. There just isnt a lot of surface area for them to maneuver around on.

Call Marina pool and spa in Colorado. And maybe consider the Active 20 and the Pentair warrior. Same cleaning power using exactly the same parts etc..., only difference are the case and the options like blue tooth, and scheduling and all that kinda stuff.

Of note. The manufacturer tells their dealers they cannot list prices on their website which are lower than the MAP. But that does not mean they wont sell you one for less. If you contact them and ask, they'll most likely give you a better price on the phone or by email. And tell them TFP sent you.
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Jun 21, 2019
Ontario, Canada
I have a Dolphin Echo which is on the low end of the scale. Works for me but I did get the fine filter kit for it. It's not so good with stairs and ledges so any future upgrade would have the option to enable/disable climbing. Skimmer socks are a necessity for me as it catches a lot.