Suction vacuums in Bestway pool


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So I hate my vacuum. It's the kind that you hook a water hose up to, and in order to use it effectively you have to get in the pool because the pole is too short and flimsy. We don't have a way of getting in yet (hubs is building outside steps, we have plastic inside steps), so vac'ing is tough.

I'd switch to a suction vac if I was sure my 1000 gph filter and pump could handle it. I'm almost positive it won't with both inlets open, but I was wondering: what if I plugged up one of the inlets? Would that concentrate all the suction on the one inlet to the point where I could use a suction vac?

Or do I need to just get a bigger pump? I have a bid in on a 1500 gph pump on eBay (thought it was a 2500 when I bid on it) which will most likely provide the necessary power.

Any thoughts? And don't say "get a robot", those are forever out of my reach pricewise. :pth:


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Aug 19, 2013
That's essentially how pool suction vacs work. You put an adapter plate over one skimmer basket to seal tightly and put a rubber stopper in the other skimmer inlet. Then attach the hose to the cover plate and vacuum. Pain in the Rear but it works.