Suction sizing for onground pool kit (Supplier says 2" is unnecessary)


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Jun 20, 2016

We just ordered a 15'x30' 52" high onground pool kit and I'm curious about suction line sizing, the kit comes with 100' of 1.5" flex hosing and I know I'll need more to reach the 2 returns and skimmer.

I asked the supplier if upgrading to 2" on the suction side would be a good idea, but he has said, multiple times, that it is unnecessary.

What are the TFP recommendations? Stick with 1.5" throughout, upgrade to 2" on the suction side, or go with 2" everywhere? Also, what's the consensus on flex piping, it may be my only option as it seems rigid PVC is extremely hard to get these days.

The kit was paired with the following equipment:
  • Hayward MaxFlo VS (SP23520VSP)
  • Hayward Swimclear 325 (C3030)
  • 100' 1.5" flex hosing
  • 2 returns, 1 skimmer.


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Jul 21, 2013
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You will see no operational differences between having 1.5" or 2" pipes.

If you are gluing all the PVC joints then high quality schedule 40 flex PVC should be as good as rigid PVC for an above ground pool.


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Jun 20, 2016
Okay, that sounds great, it's an onground, so most of the pool will be embedded into the ground, with 6-10" above ground, the flex PVC will be underground.. I will be gluing the PVC for sure.

Thanks for the response.