Suction Side Leak... Resolved


In The Industry
Apr 30, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This is how I found and patched my suction side leak....

We rent our home, and upon startup this year, found air getting into the pool plumbing. Bubbles on the output. , and due to COVID-19 and not really wanting the pool guy inside the house, I decided to see if I could do at least a temporary self repair. So I decided to investigate....

I suspect that as soon as I turn the pump off, it will start to leak, so down in the basement where the equipment is, I turn the pump off, something wheezes. Feel around all the plumbing, a little moisture around the one valve. Turn the pump on. feel around, and hear a sound change, hmm, okay that sounds interesting. I turn the pump off again, it a big bross valve, on each side is a steel nipple, that goes inside the plastic pipe, and has a couple of metal clamps around it. The thread is where it is leaking, this is a very tiny leak, with the pump off and the valve open, it can sit for 5 minutes and not lose 1 drop of water. From a plumbing fix I have a tube of silicone sealant. Give a liberal amount around those threads, and sealed the leak. The threads are starting to corrode, and the valve will need to be replaced. I don't think this is something that needs to be dealt with quickly, but the valve will need to be replaced, maybe in the fall, when the pool is closed and the lines drained. .....
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